Team Zambroni’s Epic Curling Adventure

First, you need to watch the following video that inspired our adventure:

Hammerfall’s Hearts on Fire music video with Sweden’s Olympic Women’s Curling Team

So then, I see a Goldstar offer for a curling clinic put on by the Bay Area Curling Club in our home town. I grabbed my local metal friends and we were like LET’S BE LIKE HAMMERFALL!!!!!! So we signed up, and went.

We took many a random photo and video with our phones. The quality varies between iPhones, and there weren’t any staged shots, so, pardon the quality and lack of video stability.

We think we’re hilarious. We also all have Pony-inspired names.

No, we’re not affiliated with Hammerfall (but we wish we were!) It’s a fan video 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration to do awesome things!

To our instructor: THANKS FOR PUTTING UP US!!!

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