Best Accessory for my iPhone 5

I love my iPhone. A lot. It does everything that I need it to quickly and very well. I do, however, have one single qualm.

The new lightning port. Manufacturers are having a difficult time replicating it, and it’s imperative that I have more than one cable. I’ve learned that I’m awesome at leaving it at work, home, or friend’s houses when I need it the next day.

I have had two previous iPhones and two versions of the iPod in my Apple history, and they all have had the same sync/charge cable.

Buying a single new cable would cost me $19.

So would this Lightning to Micro USB Adapter. Best $19 ever spent to fix a problem.

Micro USB to Lightning Adapter for iPhone 5

Why? Because micro USB cables are so cheap and easy to come by.

After my adapter purchase, I then paid a visit to Newegg and picked up FOUR micro USB cables for a grand total of $3.20. (Free shipping with ShopRunner..thanks!)

Four cables!

The adapter is tiny though, and at first I had a fear of losing it. I decided to keep it in the change pouch of my wallet because that’s the one thing that goes everywhere with me. When I hastily need to leave, I simply leave it on the phone, and it barely gets in the way. It stays in well, too.

It’s the same size as the charge cable plug so you can easily see if it will fit with your phone case. If the cable fits, the adapter fits.

It’s unfortunate that we have to go through such ordeals to have multiple chargers for our beloved iPhone 5, but hey, it could be worse!

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