Why Do I Have to go to The Gym?

Every time I think about going to the gym, I’m reminded how lazy people have become. I’m still uncertain as to what to blame. It’s not just one thing.

Everyone knows I’m lazy. That’s not the point, nor is this supposed to be a reflection of myself but society in general. If you’re lazy like me, going to the gym is a chore.

Think about it. A gym. It’s primary purpose is to challenge the body, keep yourself healthy through physical fitness. They didn’t have gyms for everyone way back in the olden days, or whenever.

We are reliant on the technological advances of the times. Most things nowadays are so simplified and we don’t get the proper amount of exercise by performing daily tasks. We hardly walk anywhere anymore. There are cars, buses, even food delivery. Tractors are used in construction. This is not to say all tasks can be accomplished by tractors, but sure, it takes a lot of the physical work and time out of it.

It’s funny looking around and thinking about why each person is here. Because whatever we do normally, it’s not enough. I play softball once a week, and dance once a week. If I had the resources to do that all the time, and I could get an equivalent work out, I’d much rather be on the field or in the studio.

Some people do enjoy coming to the gym every day. I wish I was one of them! But I’m still intrigued as to why facilities like this -need- to exist.

Today, I chose to write this as I slowly watched the timer count down on the elliptical. Almost… There!


3 thoughts on “Why Do I Have to go to The Gym?

  1. I do the elliptical machine too, and have pretty much the same thoughts! We really have access to too many cheap, unhealthy calories I think. That and our daily exercise is walking. Barely. Unlike the rest of the world, where the majority walk a lot. Sometimes I wish that I lived in a more densely populate area so I could actually walk to the grocery store.

  2. It’s so true! And rather unfortunate.

    If you’re looking for an interesting read on the food industry, The Omnivore’s Dilemma is great. The author follows a meal from the store backwards through the processing/how it’s all made. He then looks for different methods of processing and farms. Then, makes an attempt to grow/hunt/forage and cook an entire meal. Crazy stuff.

    I’m lucky that I live RIGHT across the street from a shopping center. The only time I drive is if I’m stopping by the store, then driving elsewhere.

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