Simple 3-Color Knit Bow Hair Clip

Simple 3-Color Knit Bow Hair Clip

I decided to try my hand using three yarn colors. They came out pretty well for being new knitter 🙂

The red/black/white was inspired by Mass Effect’s N7 colors.

The teal/black/white was inspired by the San Jose Sharks <3 The thicker center color can be made by knitting 6 rows instead of 4 (described below). It gives a more angular, larger look. I’m not sure the correct terminology for writing patterns, but here it goes..

The Knitting


Cast on 30 sts
Knit 4 rows, don’t cut yarn!

White (just start using it instead of the black strand):
Knit 2 rows, don’t cut yarn!

Red/Teal (just start using it like before): Knit 4 rows (Or 6 rows to get the thicker center)
Tie off/cut

Pick up the white strand again
Knit 2 rows.
Tie off/cut

Pick up existing black strand again
Knit 4 rows
Cast off
Tie off/cut

The Construction

Fold the strip in half and sew the shorter seam together. The color and front/back facing out doesn’t matter because it will end up in the back anyway.

Cut about 8″ of each color yarn.

Take the clip apart and have it ready to be wrapped in.

Move the seam to the center-back of the loop. Flatten to see the front of the bow. Gauge the horizontal center and fold the top n bottom backwards.

Take the 8″ strands together and wrap them around the center of the bow a few times, wrapping the clip to the back of it. Make sure that there’s not too many wraps+knot, otherwise there won’t be enough room for hair!

Once tied, cut the yarn ends short, put the clip back together, and yay!


OPTIONAL: Use the small holes to tie down the clip to one of the nearby stitches to anchor the clip.

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