Breakups and Rebounds. Bi-Yearly.

Twice per year I go through a mental breakup/rebound process.

I have to wean myself off of San Francisco Giants baseball and rebound to San Jose Sharks hockey every fall, and vice versa every spring.

First off, I nowhere near claim to know everything about either of these teams, but I’m hopelessly obsessed with watching my teams play! This year, I’ve spent a gross amount of money (for me) on watching sports, and I know there will be more to be spent.

I can’t explain what it is that makes me love watching so much. I rep my team’s colors whenever I can. Sometimes subtly, sometimes less so. Perhaps it’s the amount of community I feel when going out to root for my home teams. And also the rebellious feeling when I’m out of town and show off my teams. Especially when I’m in Southern California, and hand over my Giants debit card and catch cashiers off guard. That card is also a great conversation starter.

But anyway. I grew up with Giants baseball. My father grew up in San Francisco watching them so, naturally, it carried over to my siblings and I. He’s the reason I’ve played softball for 19 years now. It’s only been more recent (maybe past 8 years) that I’ve really been able to appreciate baseball more, and it keeps growing 🙂

As for hockey, I only picked it up maybe 3-4 years ago now. And, oh my goodness, it’s just getting worse! After a softball game, we piled into a teammate’s living room to watch stuff and/or play video games. At one point, the Sharks game was on his big, pretty HD TV. And I said, “Wow, hockey. Where have you been all my life?” And I still haven’t been able to satisfy my need to watch hockey.

The lockout this past year was tough. It’s like something was missing from life! Oh, it was. I wasn’t following any sports! And, no, I have not picked up football…yet. There’s a few out there determined to make me understand, and I welcome it!

I’m lucky in that hockey and baseball are mostly on the other’s off-season. There’s a little overlap, but it’s good. It gives me the chance to wiggle my way over to hockey-mode in the fall, and back over to baseball-mode in the spring.

Right now, it’s super-hockey-mode because the Sharks are in the playoffs! We’ll see tomorrow (Game 7 of the 2nd round against the LA Kings) what my next step is.. Heartbreak with a fast forced rebound back to baseball? Or a nerve wracking step forward to round 3, keeping baseball very close by?

Unfortunately and fortunately, I’m going to the Giants game tomorrow with my dad, which overlaps the Sharks game. Oh my..

[PS, I’m sure you all were expecting something different. Sorry for the disappointment. Except I’m not ;P]

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