Fun Fact: Turtles Eat Kix

Yes, the cereal.

Should they? I don’t know.. Probably not?

Today at Golden Gate Park, there were tons of turtles in one of the corners of Stow Lake. I easily counted 30 in my general vicinity, and spotted tons more a short distance away.

Assortment of animals

And baby duckies. Have I ever mentioned I love baby duckies? Well, I freakin love baby duckies!!

BABY DUCKIES!!!!!!!!!! And a turtle 🙂

Needless to say, I had a blast watching the lil critters here! Speaking of little critters, there was a small family next to us at this spot, and the little human critters seemed to be throwing an endless supply of Kix cereal into the water.

The ducks and geese loved it. More surprisingly, the turtles were chompin’ on the Kix! I found this to be pretty hilarious!

So I took a video:

Turtles eating Kix

So…That’s that!


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