System Upgrades Aren’t Perfect – A Support Ticket

[UPDATE!! I’ve added the support representative’s reply! Things like this just make the day better. I think I’m going to start opening ALL support tickets in story-time fashion, not just the ones for this company. The filename for the screenshot he’s referencing is “dragondrop.png”]

…Of course they’re not. But that’s okay because we expect things to need a little tweaking before they’re awesomer than their predecessor. In the case of our online system at work,  an upgrade had taken place overnight. It wasn’t terribly different, but a few things had changed. One thing, in particular, made a mess of my workflow, and resulted in the support ticket below. Yes, I really sent that in. And included a screenshot (which I’m not including here for privacy reasons). Being a support tech myself, I hope that this bit of humor will make receiving word(s) that things are broken a little less painful.


Good day!

Today was our first day with the new 2.9 upgrade, and most things are looking great 🙂

There is, however, one tool that had sent me on a short rollercoaster. (Literally, it all happened in the span of minutes)

Every day, we use the Resources tool to add new files to course sites, and our instructors use it, too. Sometimes there are a handful of resources to be uploaded to a single folder, but not quite enough to warrant opening Cyberduck.

What I do is simply drag the file from Finder (Mac) directly onto the “Choose File” button (Safari) and it’s just like I clicked the button, navigated and found the file. Except way faster.

When I tried this today, and it didn’t take the file like it normally does, and it pretended I did absolutely nothing. After trying multiple browsers (Chrome and Firefox), I came to the conclusion that the upgrade had thrown a wrench in my lightning speed workflow!

Then, I found that the window was not expanding as it probably should so I didn’t see the brand new drag-n-drop upload box….

Filled with excitement, I promptly dropped the file into this magic box, and it appeared to upload and place itself directly into the folder!

But the new file did not have a filetype icon.. and was listed as 0 bytes.. and when I clicked on it, it downloaded itself with a .txt file extension. Heart-wrenching disappointment had ensued.

I also tried Windows. The drag-n-drop actually seems to work fine in Chrome and Firefox. Internet Explorer, however, asks if you want to open or save the file..

In short: I think the Resources Upload File drag-n-drop feature is broken for Macs in our instance. Is this something you can look into?

Resorting to extra clicks, waiting, navigating and/or using Windows will result in a soul-crushing darkness and agony. (That may have been an exaggeration. Maybe.)

Thank you!


Hi Melissa

I’m sorry to hear this, you must’ve had a horrific day. Not to worry, we’ll get to the bottom of it (honestly, it sounds like it is just broken in Safari – I’ll see if I can reproduce it), and the darkness will lift as the light floods your world. Thank you for reporting this, if you don’t make it through to the light just know that your deeds of valor will be remembered.

P.S. Nice word play on the file name, and bonus points if you know the “deeds of valor will be remembered” reference.

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