Treasure Hunt

The sun casts no shadows at high noon. At a short distance, the mouth of a cave stood wide open. The cool darkness was a welcoming thought and, before I knew it, my feet had dragged my heavy body to it’s mouth.

The walls were smooth to the touch and emitted an aura of wet, cool air. I felt the heat of my body dissipate into rock the instant I rest my back upon it. Relief and rejuvenation came shortly after.

“Where does this cave lead?” I wondered, and again, without a second thought, my wandering feet took me deeper. The light at the mouth grew smaller behind me and the cave darker in front of me. My right hand pressed against the smooth rock which became course and dusty as I progressed. The light was but a pinprick now and only pitch black remained ahead. Still, I continued, until the light was no more.

“Hello?” I said, and “Hello?” I heard back. The echo of my hesitant voice resonated, hollow, back to me and I knew there was so much more to be seen. I took a deep breath and turned around. This time, my left hand traced the wall and guided me back the way I came.

The sun’s shift gave back my shadow and the heat was not so intense. I stood for a moment, looking back at the dark cave from where I had just come.

“I bet there’s treasure in there, just waiting to be found!” Her voice startled me. I thought I was alone. Curious and eager with a hint of excitement, she held up a flashlight.

“What are we waiting for?” I replied.

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