Kindle Highlights from Elantris by Brandon Sanderson

Elantris  is another Sanderson novella set in the Cosmere.

I enjoyed its triple plot mixing. I knew what was happening here, there and over there and how they related. When the characters figured it out? YESSSS!!!

I’m always down for a Cosmere fantasy quick-fix! Do I have commitment issues? Maybe.

Elantris by Brandon Sanderson

You have 45 highlighted passages
Last annotated on May 15, 2015

  • So, using his pride like a shield against despair, dejection, and—most important—self-pity, Raoden raised his head to stare damnation in the eyes. – Location 161
  • You’ve been lonely before, Sarene, she reminded herself. You’ll get through it. Just find something to occupy your mind. You have an entire new court to explore. Enjoy it – Location 418
  • She felt more than alone, she felt rejected—again. Unwanted. – Location 570
  • “The first step in taking control of a nation, Arteth, is the simplest. You find someone to hate. – Location 1409
  • You will find that hate can unify people more quickly and more fervently than devotion ever could. – Location 1466
  • Your day could have been as sour as winter, and the prince and his optimism would arrive, and with a few gentle words he would make you realize just how silly you were being. – Location 1784
  • hard times make people willing to accept a man who preaches change. – Location 2069
  • is human nature to believe that other places and other times are better than the here and now. – Location 2186
  • it was beneficial to have a reputation for honesty, if only so that one could lie at crucial moments. – Location 2225
  • “People do a better job when they assume they’re important. – Location 2394
  • “You know it,” Kiin said in his deep-throated rasp, “but you don’t believe it yet. – Location 2569
  • You will be surprised how much more profitable an independent man is than a slave who thinks of nothing more than his next meal. – Location 2877
  • I’ve found that thoughtful, well-considered commitment is much more productive than spurious professions.” – Location 2915
  • “Knowledge will bring strength, – Location 2948
  • “You are a wise man, Lord Shuden,” Sarene said. “No, just a man who tries to see to the heart of things, – Location 3731
  • “I have often found that no matter what the circumstance, it is most useful to be oneself, – Location 3885
  • “The more faces we try to wear, the more confused they become. – Location 3886
  • there is no above or beneath, there are only those we love. And we serve those we love. – Location 4095
  • It was beautiful—no mansion or palace can compete with the work of one’s own hands. – Location 4121
  • Pain lost its power when other things became more important. Kahar didn’t need a potion or an Aon to save him—he just needed something to do. – Location 4208
  • “Remember, the past need not become our future as well. – Location 4257
  • “Give up your anger,” Raoden pled. “And let me give you hope instead. – Location 4373
  • All things must progress, and progression is not always a steady incline. – Location 4599
  • Sometimes we must fall, sometimes we will rise—some must be hurt while others have fortune, for that is the only way we can learn to rely on one another. As one is blessed, it is his privilege to help those whose lives are not as easy. Unity comes from strife, child. – Location 4600
  • The truth of the matter is, no man wants an intelligent wife. – Location 4706
  • “Truth can never be defeated, Sarene. Even if people do forget about it occasionally. – Location 4789
  • there also weren’t a lot of men who felt comfortable around a woman they assumed was their intellectual superior. – Location 4801
  • when you can’t find reason in life, you tend to give up on it. – Location 5259
  • to live is to have worries and uncertainties. Keep them inside, and they will destroy you for certain—leaving behind a person so callused that emotion can find no root in his heart. – Location 5673
  • “A man can force himself to hate if he wishes, especially if he convinces himself that it is for a higher good. – Location 5872
  • Truth is the one thing you can never intimidate. – Location 5886
  • People don’t want to live with something so superior to themselves—they can’t stand such a visible sign of their own inferiority. – Location 6699
  • optimists just can’t understand that a depressed person doesn’t want you to try and cheer them up. It makes us sick. – Location 6712
  • Why, in the blessed name of Domi, she wondered, does everyone in this country feel so threatened by an assertive woman? – Location 7471
  • The problem with being clever, Sarene thought with a sigh, is that everyone assumes you’re always planning something – Location 7548
  • “To us, round is beautiful. Not everyone wants their women to look like starving schoolboys. – Location 7673
  • Just because you’ve had misfortune in your past doesn’t mean you have to give up on your future. – Location 8142
  • Please, she added as a close to her simple prayer, just let us be happy. – Location 8510
  • “I feel like an insane rainbow, – Location 8640
  • “Love is independent of time, – Location 8848
  • men who could be understood could be manipulated. – Location 9152
  • Power was not in wealth, but in control—money was worthless before a man who refused to be bought. – Location 9155
  • whatever else happened to him, no matter what he had done, he could say that he now followed the truth in his heart. He could die and face Jaddeth with courage and pride. – Location 11119
  • She would never know that he had come to love her. – Location 11127
  • the man whose heart drove him, eventually, to reject all that he had once believed in the name of what he knew was right. – Location 11440

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