Kindle Highlights from The Emperor’s Soul by Brandon Sanderson

Somehow, I missed the fact that The Emperor’s Soul was a novella, and thus much shorter than I was expecting. In any case, it didn’t tie too much into Elantris as I was hoping, but that’s okay.

It was a focused, intimate show of a new magic system. It didn’t seem quite as complexly explained as the previous, nor used as much since it focused on a single project. I would have liked to get more out of both the story and magic system. It was interesting enough, but the plot felt a little shaky.

Quote-wise, they were great little life tid-bits regarding patience and getting through daunting times. It was good for me to have had these right now 🙂

The Emperor’s Soul (Elantris Book 2) by Brandon Sanderson

You have 10 highlighted passages

Last annotated on May 23, 2015

  • No matter how good you were, someone was better. Live by that knowledge, and you would never grow so confident that you became sloppy. – Location 66
  • smile at the worst insults and snap at the minor ones. That way, no man would know your heart. – Location 307
  • Become someone who can deal with this. – Location 337
  • That look of disappointment, that implication we should be better people than we are. – Location 659
  • a man who was honest and clever was always, always more difficult to scam than someone who was both dishonest and clever. – Location 665
  • Sincerity. It was so difficult, by definition, to fake. – Location 666
  • Entering government service, the most lucrative and prestigious of occupations, was often more about bribes and connections than it was about skill or aptitude. – Location 721
  • a person was no more one flaw than they were one passion. – Location 726
  • There was rarely an obvious branching point in a person’s life. People changed slowly, over time. You didn’t take one step, then find yourself in a completely new location. You first took a little step off a path to avoid some rocks. For a while, you walked alongside the path, but then you wandered out a little way to step on softer soil. Then you stopped paying attention as you drifted farther and farther away. Finally, you found yourself in the wrong city, wondering why the signs on the roadway hadn’t led you better. – Location 840
  • You can’t always write what you know—not exactly what you know. You can, however, write what you see. – Location 1560

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