One of my goals for 2017 was to read more nonfiction. I was inspired by some people I know to try out historical nonfiction. I figured I’d get the action and excitement that I look for in books (because I’m an escapist reader) and learn more about historical events.

However, I didn’t do that. I stuck with nonfiction, but it was all personal development. Sorry, again, history. I follow a few PD writers via email and Medium, and I don’t even remember if the books I read were recommended by them or not. At least some were. Oh well; that’s not my point. Maybe I’ll compile a list of articles, authors and resources, but not quite yet.

All of my PD reading, whether it be articles, emails, books, seminars, meetups, what have you, shows me someone else’s completed journey. Or at least further along. I don’t believe our journey is over until we expire.

Point is, these authors and coaches are -already- doing what they love, have found their purpose and/or passion, or at least a part of it. I can feel it in their writing. I want that for myself, and I know I can have that, someday.

Everything I’ve come across is helpful in its own way. Authors cover the same topic in their own ways. They do well describing where they were, what they were feeling and how they overcame. Each example is another great tool to have in my PD toolbox.

But it’s all past tense. They’ve already implemented it.

Me? Nah. I’m still sitting here and the only place I’m going is where this the bus I’m on is taking me.

I feel that my journey hasn’t even started. I mean, I know it has because I’m thinking, pondering and now I’m at least documenting it.

This time in my life is the longest prologue ever.

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