Thrifty Brand Ice Cream Spotted in WA State!


Cartons, not hand-dipped, but I will certainly take it!

I’ve been packing for the past week or so, and was out at Rite-Aid looking for more packing tape. Packing/moving sucks, btw.

I exit the hardware isle, meandering to the dollar section and have a gander at the frozen…ice cream section. I freeze (no pun intended) and just stood there, staring. It took a few moments to process whether or not it was true. I think it was.

I heard @rabbd say something about chocolate from over at the dollar section, and I unintentionally ignore him and point at the freezer, still in shock. Being left to my awe, I open the door and carefully remove the last carton of Chocolate Malted Krunch and proceed to protectively carry it around the store as we finish shopping.

My face carrying a giddy grin and my eyes elsewhere, reminiscing about ice cream cones long past for the walk home.

I kept the receipt. I ate some. It’s real. And the rest is in the freezer.


Now, about a year ago, LA Times posted an article about how Albertsons was going to be purchasing Rite-Aids. This was actually brought to my attention first by a comment on my Open Letter to Rite-Aid Regarding Thrifty Brand Ice Cream. I didn’t give this the attention it deserved, and definitely had intended to revisit it. Obvs, I’m junk at blogging and didn’t do that. However, I am now.

It stated that Albertsons already owns an ice cream factory in… Bellevue, WA. I can literally see Bellevue from where I currently live (and will be moving closer to it in the coming weeks). That may explain why I found it where I did. It’s something I’ll be looking into, for reals this time. I’m curious to track down this ice cream factory! Not just for Thrifty’s sake, but I love ice cream and making stuff, so it’s totally up my alley.

I’ll certainly be scouting more Rite-Aids in the area.

But let it be known.. THE DAY HAS COME! At least this one day 😉

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